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"Providing Systems, Component and Engineering Services For Dust Collection, Dry Solids Handling and Processing Since 1977"





Burke Sales & Engineering is in the business of providing the direct sales component of well thought out marketing programs for established manufacturers wishing to sell their product to Michigan’s Process Industry Market. Within this context, we see ourselves as engaging in “Consultative Selling” matching the product and design capabilities of our principals with the process needs of our customers. This type of selling requires considerable technical and application knowledge which in turn requires that we limit the scope of our product offering to Dry Solids Handling and Processing, Process Instrumentation and the Air Pollution Control Equipment appropriate to these types of processing situations. Also required are principals that invest in training, adequate technical backup and continuing product development.





Burke Sales & Engineering was formed April 1, 1977 as a sole proprietorship specializing in the sale of baghouse dust collectors and fans. Over the years, we have expanded the scope of our operation to include Dry Solids Handling and Processing as well as Process Instrumentation. Burke Sales & Engineering is now a Michigan Corporation with one part-time and three full-time employees.





While Burke Sales and Engineering aggressively pursues all sales opportunities, our greatest success is in those industries which have the potential to purchase from a number of our principals. Historically, our top three markets are Food and Cereal Production, Chemical Production, and Rock Processing. Other important segments include Wood Working and Forest Products, Foundry/Steel, and Pharmaceutical.

John Burke Sr


Cell: 734-516-1406



John Burke Jr


Fax: 734-697-7910

Crystal Whitt


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